Educate Your Title Clerk

Kimberly Skaggs, CEO of 50 State DMV and author of Vehicle Title Clerk Master Course, started her career as a title clerk in the automotive industry.

Based on her years of experience, she has written a step-by-step guide to help title clerks in any dealership to become competent and confident to effectively perform all the duties of a seasoned title clerk. So, whether you are onboarding new staff, cross-training existing employees, or having problems in your title office, this book will help your title and registration process run smoother.

Want to improve your staff's skillset?

Dealerships, whether you are on-boarding new staff, having difficulty in your title office, or interested in cross-training existing employees, this book offers a complete overview of the entire title and registration process.

The book is offered in multiple formats.

Get your copy today!

E-book or paperback available through and wherever books are sold.

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