Step 1:

Email your buyer’s order.

Step 2:

You will receive your fee calculation via email in the form of an estimate along with a checklist. Fee calculations include a complete breakdown of all fees, 50 State DMV’s fee, and all required documents to process.

Step 3:

Original signed documents and payment will be sent to our office via USPS, UPS or FedEx for immediate processing.

Step 4:

Completed registration and license plates can either be shipped to the dealership or directly to the vehicle owner.  Proof of registration/lien satisfaction will be sent to the dealership via e-mail.

Fee Calculation Upload Form

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Guaranteed Service

50 State DMV will correct any error at no cost to our customer or vehicle purchaser. If the error cannot be corrected, 50 State DMV will refund or reimburse the customer for all incorrectly charged DMV related costs.

The company is bonded and insured with limits that surpass requirements for all 50 states.

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