Could this familiar tool replace the personal sales contact

Is Carvana Replacing Onsite Car Sales People?

The internet has become a potent tool for marketing. It’s no exaggeration that online sales/buying is gradually becoming the order of the day, as more and more people turn to the internet to make purchases. Carvana, an online car sales company, has since its inception leverage the power of the internet to reach thousands of consumers.

Online car buying has been trending since Carvana began its operation with juicy offers to consumers, coupled with the advantages of online buying. This development, if left unchecked by onsite car sales dealers, may put them off business. 

So, is Carvana replacing onsite car sales? Of course, its possible Carvana may take over the market if nothing is done to compete favorably with the online car dealers. So what to do?

Online presence is a necessity

The major advantage of Carvana over onsite car dealers – is online presence. They make their transactions online, which appears to be an easy way for transactions to consumers. Thus, onsite car sales dealers require an excellent online presence to catch up with the trend. With a strong online presence, onsite car dealers can offer both online and onsite car sales. This is a great way to maintain customers base while also attracting new customers that find online buying quite attractive.

Here is what onsite car dealers need to maintain an excellent online presence;

A Website

Setting up a website is a great step to building an online presence. Like Carvana, onsite car dealers can create an e-commerce website with all important features for selling online. The website should feature cars in stock, an about us page that gives an insight into the company, contact information, etc. The security of the site is also paramount as people may have to input their credit cards to make a purchase.

Overall, it should be a well-designed website with all features for online selling. You can choose to add a blog to the website to write and publish related articles. This also helps increase the visibility of the site in search engines through the content published.

Social Media Profiles

As you probably know, social media is one great tool for internet marketing. Good presence on social media can help you reach your target audience. According to statistics, most people find new products by looking them up on social media.

Onsite can dealers can leverage the power of social media to their advantage – gaining good online presence through social media profiles. It is not difficult to set up and manage social media accounts. But if that seems to be a difficult task, you can hire a social media expert to create and manage your accounts. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., can give your business a high lift.


Online car sales and buying is evolving to a stage of taking over the market. This poses a huge threat to onsite car dealers who are yet to come to terms with the online car buying rave. Online car sales may replace onsite car sales if dealers don’t take the appropriate measures. It is, therefore, a wakeup call for onsite car dealers to build a better online presence to still be in business. 

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