Why is online Presence Important for Dealerships?

A recent survey by We Are Social and Hootsuite has revealed that internet users are growing by an average of over one million new users daily. These figures clearly show that a good number of people spend more time online for various reasons – this includes getting information, shopping, amongst other things.

Consumers now prefer to sit in their comfort zones to make purchases through the internet. This is so because buying online comes with many benefits, ranging from comfort, no hassle, no haggling, etc. Thus, no better way to get your target audience at any time than establishing an online presence for your business, dealership is not left out!

So, is online presence really important for dealerships?

Online car sales is currently trending since the advent of Carvana. And it has become apparent that one can purchase a car online with ease. The following are top reasons why dealerships need an online presence:


As a dealer, how do you get people to be familiar with your company’s reputation? The internet is a popular place people acquire information about a product or brand quickly. A typical consumer depends on the information available about a brand online before deciding on whether to buy or not.

A consumer who is looking to purchase a certain vehicle does not only consider the vehicle but looks at the reputation of the dealer he intends to buy from.

What are other people sayings about you? Was it a positive buying experience? Do you sell good vehicles as described? All these and more are the information a consumer is looking to get before making a buying decision.

Thus, online presence with a good reputation will bring in more business for dealerships. To get a better online presence, dealers can leverage social media and also create websites to house all the information about their company.

Consumers who have bought from you and had a pleasant experience can leave positive reviews about your company, either on your social media profiles or on your website. This will help dealerships to gain trust from potential buyers.


This is a great factor that influences buying decision among consumers. Most people don’t want to go through the stress of leaving their houses and rushing to where the store is located to meet up with time. They prefer to place an order through the internet – where they can easily do that at their best time even in the middle of the night without worries about time factor. And the good thing is the item is delivered to their doorstep. This also applies to car purchase, as evident in Carvana – they have sold a lot of cars since inception, and more and more people are joining the rave of purchasing cars online.

Buying online also allows a potential buyer ample time to examine the car he intends to purchase. This is unlike buying at the physical location where possible there is limited time to inspect the vehicle thoroughly.


As you can see, online presence for dealerships is of utmost importance. Overall, an online presence for dealerships creates a better atmosphere for business to thrive!

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