Why it is so difficult to find Quality, Qualified Staff and Managers for Auto Dealers?

Team Members Needed… ASAP… But How to Begin

No doubt, the automotive industry keeps growing and expanding. However, the sad reality is that as the industry keeps growing, new positions are being created with no one to fill them unlike other industries with surplus workforce. What could be the underlying problem in the shortage of workforce in the automotive industry?  The problem has, however, been traced to non-availability of enough skilled and qualified people to fill these vacant positions.

A report by the automotive council in 2016 says there were 5000 vacant jobs in UK automotive because of shortage of experienced employees. The challenge of recruitment in the automotive industry is not new, but then it continues to grow and has to be addressed.

This article tends to take a closer look at the core reasons for the shortage of skilled manpower in the automotive industry.

Working Condition

Top on the list is the conditions that automotive professionals are made to work. Many jobs in this field are dangerous and unsafe. Automotive employees work in unappealing situations and cases of extremities. Most times, it involves cases of extreme heat or cold. This is one of the challenges that employees have to face and one that employers need to tackle. Employers need to look into creating a comfortable and safe environment for the staffs. This could encourage people who already have a bad perception of the industry to have a rethink while keeping existing workers happy.

Lack of Career Development

Another topical problem is that the automotive industry gives little or no room for career development. The job is a 24/7 job that gives no time for career development outside the office space. To solve this problem; employers should host career meetings for their staffs. Educate them of their prospect by pointing out newer, cleaner, and more high-tech sectors of the industry. Another way to tackle this problem is by feeding students who show interest in this field with positive information. Tell them the benefit that comes with a job in the industry, and also the long-term career prospect that is attached to the job.

Work Schedule

Another problem worthy of note is the issue of work schedule. Work schedule in the automotive industry is tight, and employees are under a lot of pressure. These jobs require that you are available all days of the week. As much as workers can love their job, they might be unwilling to work overtime without the proper incentives.

A lot of people value their time more than a little extra money, so it is ideal to find creative ways to motivate your employees. Create a health plan for them, sponsor a vacation, give them days off, offer bonuses, etc. There are a lot of creative ways to keep your employees happy and satisfied.

Wrap Up

In summary, the problem of shortage of workforce in the automotive industry is basically hinged on poor and harsh working conditions. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is high time employers begin to invest in their staffs. The public should also be aware of the changes. Staff should be appreciated. Know what they need and listen to their complaints and suggestions. This way, many other people would begin to develop interests in the automotive industry.

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