Is shopping online for vehicles the new “IN” way to purchase?

Are Dealers Concerned about how Carvana Will Affect their Business?

Although some people still feel dealers have an advantage over Carvana, the truth is that Carvana is gradually taking over and it should bother dealers. The advent of Carvana, which is totally focused on online car sales, comes with a lot of promises for buyers – no hassle, no haggle, money-back guarantee, lower prices than dealers, etc. These factors are capable of turning buyers away from dealers because most buyers are interested in making a purchase right from their comfort zones without any hassle.

So while dealers are out there waiting for buyers to locate them, they simply go online through their mobile phones or computers to select the best cars and make a purchase. Of course, Carvana promises money-back guarantee, so buyers are not worried about losing money if the vehicle doesn’t meet their specifications.

Can you see why this should be a cause for concern to dealers? It’s quite visible. So what can dealers do to compete favorably with Carvana? Creating a robust online car-buying presence is the way out! Setting up a strong online presence is a great step to marketing your business and getting more leads.

The following are the benefits that come with creating a strong online presence for care sales;

Saves time

Time is of great essence, and many people value their time a lot. A buyer who is looking to purchase a new car with these two options; going to dealers to buy and going online to place an order, will opt to place an order online because it’s time-saving.  Going all the way out to locate dealers and eventually meeting other criteria that may take much time seems like time-wasting. This is why dealers have to create an online presence for car sales – to tackle both online and offline business.


One reason why many people love to make a purchase online is hinged on avoiding stress. Locating a dealer up to his business premises and eventually buying a car and arranging for delivery may seem like a cumbersome task for most people. Especially when there is another option – to place an order online. They’d quickly opt to make a purchase online to avoid stress. Plus, online buying offers juicy benefits, so they rather trash the idea of dealers and buy online instead.

Online car buying experience

Online car buying is trending, and many people are eager to get a first-hand experience of how it feels buying a car online. Some are curious to know if the benefits they (Carvana) promise online are realistic. So a lot of people want to buy online, and it feels good making purchases from your comfort zone and having your car delivered to your doorstep.  Also, buyers have all the time to look up the car specifications and choose their best choice carefully.


Online car buying is trending, and Carvana is ready to dominate the market, which is a disturbing situation to dealers. Therefore, dealers have to put up great competitive measures to keep business moving to their favor too. Buying online is a good experience, and more people rely on it these days as it offers a lot of benefits.

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